Allbirds uses natural and sustainable materials to create the world's most comfortable shoes Great Oaks invested in Allbirds's Seed Round in 2015 and Series A Round in 2016.


Allbirds Just Launched Cooling Underwear and Comfy Bralettes (and They’re Already Selling Out)

P 1 905100380 adidas and allbirds join forces to design the worldand8217s most sustainable shoe

Adidas and Allbirds join forces to design the world’s most sustainable shoe


Allbirds debuts its first running shoe


Allbirds Is The First Fashion Brand To Label Its Carbon Footprint Like Calories


Allbirds is charting a climate-positive roadmap that other brands can follow

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Allbirds CEO Joey Zwillinger on Amazon's new competitive shoe

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Allbirds now makes water-resistant shoes — here's your first look, plus our verdict

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FORTUNE 40 Under 40: Tim Brown & Joey Zwillinger of Allbirds


Celeb-Loved Brand Allbirds Just Launched Flats So Comfortable, You’ll Never Want to Take Them Off

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Allbirds imposed a carbon tax on itself–and your brand should, too


Allbirds Is Headed to China with a Partnership with Alibaba

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The $95 Sneakers Barack Obama Wore to the Duke-UNC Game

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Comfy Shoes Helped Allbirds Become a $1.4 Billion Company, but It's Never Been Just About Shoes

Sweetfoam best inventions 2018 22

50 Best Inventions of 2018: Shoes That Could Help Save the World

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The Optimized Anti-Style of Allbirds Shoes

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Shoe start-up Allbirds co-CEO on origin story and going brick and mortar


Sneaker Startup Allbirds Takes Flight With $50 Million In Funding

Allbirds joey zwillinger tim brown

Trendy Sneaker Startup Allbirds Laces Up $1.4 Billion Valuation

Leonardo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Footwear Brand Allbirds: 'I Am Proud to Join the Company'

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Allbirds wants to fix your sole


How the ‘World’s Most Comfortable Shoe’ is Challenging Nike and Adidas

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Allbirds Hooked You On Wool Shoes. Next, Shoes Made from Trees


Allbirds co-founders on their new plant-based shoe collection

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Allbirds is shaking up footwear with machine-washable wool shoes


Allbirds Founder Joey Zwillinger is No. 39 on the Recode 100

P 1 allbirds is launching a kids shoe line calledand8230smallbirds embargo lifts oct 24

Allbirds is launching a kids shoe line called–what else?–Smallbirds

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Silicon Valley's shoe darling launches a line for kids

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Allbirds: Sustainable shoe craze takes run at footwear space

Allbirds women naturalwhite

Allbirds plans to expand to new materials with $17.5 million in fresh funds

Allbirds cofounders v3

Sneaker Startup Allbirds Lands $17.5 Million In New Funding


We tried 'the world's most comfortable shoes' to see if they're as great as everyone says they are

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Silicon Valley's Fuzzy Fad

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Allbirds opens a pop-up shop featuring footwear and specialty food and home goods at Grand Central Market

Allbird sneakers 2

There's a new version of the 'world's most comfortable shoes' that Silicon Valley loves

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BuzzFeed Video - People Try The World's Most Comfortable Shoes BuzzFeedBlue


Silicon Valley’s favorite shoe now comes in a new style

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Allbirds, the sustainable sneaker that's growing in popularity without a big brand name

Allbirds wool runners sneakers5

Allbirds Raises $7.25M Series A led by Maveron

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Are wool sneakers the future of footwear? Some investors think so.

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Silicon Valley is obsessed with these wool sneakers that claim to be the 'most comfortable in the world'

Allbirds gear patrol full lead

Why Shoe Startups Are Making Sneakers From Wool


The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes Are Made of Super-Soft Wool